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22TCM9R Conversion for Glock 17 / 22

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Like the 22TCM?... well, Rock Island Armory shortened the bullet (same brass) to the length of a 9mm creating the 22TCM9R. Swap out the slide on your glock 17 or glock 22 (Generation 1-3) with a 22TCM9R conversion (gunsmith recommended), same magazine, and you will be shooting 2000 FPS out of your glock. Also, note that each purchase of a 22TCM9R Conversion for Glock 17 / 22 gives you the opportunity to recieve a free box of ammo for 2015 for TCM related products (where ammo can ship) ,please see the FAQ's for details.

and Yes... it's CA and MA complaint.

Slide - Single wide serration
- Completely machined
- with fixed dovetail mounted sights
- Rock Island Armory logo (left side)
- Finish Parkerized
Barrel - Caliber 22TCM9R
- Completely machined
- CAL 22TCM9R marking (right side)
- Finish parkerized
Others - Complete set of slide assembly finish parkerized parts
- Firing pin
- Firing pin spacer sleeve
- Firing pin spring
- Firing pin spring cups
- Extractor
- Extractor depression plunger
- Extractor depression plunger spring
- Slide cover plate
- Firing pin safety spring
- Firing pin safety
- Spring loaded bearing

DISCLAIMER: “GLOCK” is a federally registered trademark of GLOCK, Inc. The use of “GLOCK” is merely to advertise the sale of an aftermarket parts for GLOCK pistols and the makers of this product are not affiliated in any manner with, or otherwise endorsed by, GLOCK, Inc.

DISCLAIMER:Recoil Springs needs to be changed every 2,000 rounds

DISCLAIMER: When using a 10rd magazine you will need to replace the magazine spring with a standard magazine spring.




**22TCM9R is not 22LR. 22TCM/22TCM9R is a new proprietary round manufactured by Rock Island Armory and will not accept 22LR.

**Proper gunsmith fitting required for accurate fit & safe function.


PLEASE NOTE: If you purchase this item by mistake and would like to return it, We will do so gladly but will charge you a 25% restocking fee. You will also have to pay shipping back to us. Thank you and we hope this ends some of the confusion.

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