AR15 - 5.56 - 40rnd - Steel - E-Lander

AR15 - 5.56 - 40rnd - Steel - E-Lander

AR15 - .50 Beowulf - 10rnd - Black - Polymer80

AR15 - .50 Beowulf - 10rnd - Black - Polymer80

AR15 - .458 SOCOM - 10rnd - Steel - E-Lander

AR15 - .458 SOCOM - 10rnd - Steel - E-Lander

AR15 - 5.56 - 40rnd - Steel - E-Lander


CALIBER - 5.56



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E-Lander Mags are high-performance durable steel magazines. Made in Israel for the Tavor, M16, and common sidearms. These magazines were tested by special military forces and anti-terror units and have proven to withstand extreme combat conditions and stringent mission-critical requirements.

  • Heavy gauge steel construction
    exceeding MIL-SPEC requirements.
  • Featuring state-of-the-art Teflon-enhanced anti-tilt self-leveling followers.
  • Specially designed reinforced floorplates to resist damage.
  • High resistance body coating, enduring up to 96 hours salt-spray test.



**We do not ship, sell, or offer for sale any magazines to anyone in these states or anyone using a billing address in these states.

California: Over 10 rounds

Colorado: Over 15 rounds

Connecticut: Over 10 rounds

Hawaii: Over 10 rounds that may fit a handgun

Maryland: Over 10 rounds

Massachusetts: Over 10 rounds

New Jersey: Over 15 rounds

New York: Over 10 rounds

Washington D.C.: Over 10 rounds 

Illinois: Over 10 rounds



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Caliber 223 Rem, 5.56
Finish/Material Steel
Manufacturer/Supplier E-Lander
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