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  • Krunch Spoon/straw - Black

    Ka-Bar Knives

    Krunch Spoon/straw - Black

    Krunch Spoon/Straw The KA-BAR Krunch Spoon/Straw is the ultimate utensil for soups and cereal. Made with food and water safe Creamid, the Krunch features a generous-sized spoon. Inside of the Krunch is a straw, which allows you to drink your milk, soup...

  • Ka-bar Golf Tees And Divot Tool - 36 Tees, Multiple Colors

    Ka-Bar Knives

    Ka-bar Golf Tees And Divot Tool - 36 Tees, Multiple Colors

    KA-BAR Golf Tees and Divot Tool Looking to improve your golf game? Want to look cool in front of friends and family? Have a habit of buying stuff you don't need, but you really "need"? Yes, yes, and yes. Look no further than KA-PAR, 36 golf tees and a...

  • Ka-bar Sharpener

    Ka-Bar Knives

    Ka-bar Sharpener

    KA-BAR Sharpener The 9926 KA-BAR Sharpener is a portable sharpening tool that is small enough to carry in your pocket. Made in the USA with Creamid® and carbide inserts, the Sharpener has an overall length of 6.375” and a weight of 0.15 lb. Sharpens...

  • Ka-bar Chopsticks

    Ka-Bar Knives

    Ka-bar Chopsticks

    KA-Bar Chopsticks The KA-BAR Chopsticks are sold as a four pack, providing two sets of American-made, dishwasher safe chopsticks. They are made from Food and Water Safe Grilamid and measure 9.5" overall. The chopsticks are each marked "KA-BAR" and "USA"...

  • Tactical Spork

    Ka-Bar Knives

    Tactical Spork

    Tactical Spork The Tactical Spork, which is made from food and water approved Grilamid, is equipped with a fork/spoon combo and has a serrated knife hidden in the handle. The knife is accessed by pulling the spork in opposite directions from each extreme...

  • Ka-barley Bottle Opener

    Ka-Bar Knives

    Ka-barley Bottle Opener

    KA-BARLEY Bottle Opener Made of extra-durable plastic material and featuring the traditional KA-BAR oval-shaped handle, the KA-BARLEY makes light work of prying off bottle caps. Description:BlackMade in the USA 

  • Reapr Tac Survival Shovel


    Reapr Tac Survival Shovel

    REAPR TAC Survival Shovel Finally, a shovel that won't fail you when the going gets tough. The REAPR 11021 TAC Survival Shovel is like nothing you've ever seen. Combining strength with function, the 7-1/2" stainless steel precision cast head (with a...

  • Special Forces Shovel

    Cold Steel

    Special Forces Shovel

    Special Forces Shovel Cold Steels Spetsnaz Shovel is modeled after an original Soviet Spetsnaz military entrenching tool. This durable and effective shovel has a stout hardwood handle, a broad flat steel blade and 3 sharp edges. A popular tool with...

  • Sweet Move Slingshot - Black

    Ka-Bar Knives

    Sweet Move Slingshot - Black

    Sweet Move Slingshot The KA-BAR Sweet Move Slingshot is the latest member of our "non-knife" lineup. Modeled after the iconic "KA-BAR" handle, the Sweet Move measures 5.938" long and 4" wide. The Ultramid frame is made in the USA. The bands and pouch are...

  • Model B52 Slingshot - Black/yellow


    Model B52 Slingshot - Black/yellow

    Model B52 Slingshot The Daisy Model B52 Slingshot sends your ammo at high speeds toward your target. The flexible wrist support is the key to providing steady and stable support for accurate shots. This wrist support then folds away for compact storage...

  • F16 Slingshot - Black


    F16 Slingshot - Black

    F16 Slingshot The Daisy Model F16 is a tough and durable slingshot with a molded sure-grip handle and a solid steel frame with an extra-wide fork for safety and accuracy. Latex rubber tubing and a durable release pouch round out this awesome slingshot...

  • Chogan Mattock Axe - Tennessee Hickory, Adze W/ Spike Blade

    Columbia River

    Chogan Mattock Axe - Tennessee Hickory, Adze W/ Spike Blade

    Chogan Mattock Axe This timeless tool is ready for new adventures.From the trenches of WWI comes the Chogan™ Mattock, a tool purpose-built for portability. Based on the common digging tool used by British infantry, the head can be removed from the handle...

12 of 12 Items