38 Special Speed Loader


Speed loader for Rock Island Armory M206 and M200 38 special revolvers.

Loader may take need alterations to grips to fit on M200 38 special revolver.

To Load Speedloader:

Hold speedloader bottom end up. Turn knob to stop pin so metal points do not show in the six bore holes. Insert cartridges into bores, primer ends down. Jiggle or hold cartridges toward center of loader. Turn knob against other stop pin to lock them in. Cartridges are now secure in speedloader until knob is turned again.

To Load Revolver

Swing out revolver’s cylinder and eject empty cases. Hold revolver in left hand. With thumb on cylinder to keep it from rotating. Insert speedloader into cylinder then turn knob (clock-wise) to release cartridges in to gun.

Special Instructions

357 ammo cases are longer than .38 spec. cases and may interfere with the grip* (see Over-sized Grips) Should the speedloader become accidentally wedged against an over-sized grip, turn the knob to release the cartridges. Then, rotate the speedloader WITH the cylinder of the gun. Cartridges will drop into cylinder as they rotate past a point not in a bind. Do not attempt to use a loader with a revolver for which it was not intended. (See chart.) Test drop cartridges from speedloader to revolver several times – since ammo sizes have been known to vary.

*Over-sized Grips

Some revolver have grips that interfere with speedloaders. These grips must be altered or replaced so the speedloader does not touch the grip when cartridges are released.

+Rossi Cylinder Release Buttons

Cylinder release buttons on the revolver models manufactured prior to 1/91 must be altered or replaced so the speedloader does not touch the release button when cartridges are released.


Keep revolver chambers clean.

Do not unnecessarily abuse your speedloader.

Warranty is with the manufacturer.