Variable Air Sport Rings

Recoil Pin
Fits 9.5mm through 13mm rails
Torx 4-screw cap to reduce stripping
Made from lightweight aircraft aluminum
Satin black finish

Product Specific Details

Ring height - 1.39"


**Proper gunsmith fitting required for accurate fit & safe function.


PLEASE NOTE:  If you purchase this item by mistake and would like to return it, We will do so gladly but will charge you a 15% restocking fee. You will also have to pay shipping back to us. Thanks and we hope this ends some of the confusion.


On mounting the scope rings to the TCM rifle.

Mount the front ring to the TCM rifle and slide forward until it makes contact with the set screw in the receiver. That will keep the rings and scope from possibly moving under recoil. Mount the rear ring but do not tighten until you mount the scope so you can get the proper eye relief with the scope then tighten the rear ring. When tightening the scope rings to the scope please tighten in a side to side pattern, do not tighten one side completely or you will have an uneven tightness on the scope. Bore sight then hit the range for final adjustments.