Tanfoglio Witness / Rock Island Armory MAP/MAPP 170mm 9mm Pistol Magazine


9mm Magazine for Tanfoglio Witness and Rock Island Armory MAP / MAPP Pistols.

The size is 170mm which can hold up to 25 rounds of 9mm.

This magazine will also function with your 22TCM9R MAP/MAPP pistol and can hold up to 26 rounds.


Please note: This magazine will fit the MAP Series (steel frame). This magazine will also work for MAPP Series (polymer frame), but will require some frame fitting.

**We do not ship, sell, or offer for sale any magazines to anyone in these states or anyone using a billing address in these states.

California: Over 10 rounds

Colorado: Over 15 rounds

Connecticut: Over 10 rounds

Hawaii: Over 10 rounds that may fit a handgun

Maryland: Over 10 rounds

Massachusetts: Over 10 rounds

New Jersey: Over 15 rounds

New York: Over 10 rounds

Washington D.C.: Over 10 rounds 

Illinois: Over 10 rounds