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RIA 1911 Double Stack (A2) Holsters by 3i Holsters - RIGHT HAND

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Rock Island Armory x 3i Holsters - 1911 Double Stack (A2) Full Rail / Full Dust Cover Holsters

  • RIA Specified 1911 Double Stack TAC Ultra Holsters
  • Will fit generic 1911s that are either full-rail / full-dust or standard frame.
  • Designed to hug your body for comfort, conceal, and durability.
  • It comes with your choice of a standard loop (photo) or slip-on loop (photo) for faster holster removal from the hip.




Left Hand Option Sold HERE.


This product is designed to fit Rock Island Armory 1911 A2 TAC Ultra Pistols (TAC Ultra - full rail)

This product is also compatible with Rock Island Armory 1911 non-railed/non-full dust cover A2 pistols.


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