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VR80 - Advanced Takedown System 2.0 by Patriot-Pin


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Created by Patriot-Pin, this attachment will make your life much easier in restrictive states where the shotgun comes from the factory with a fixed magazine setup. Using the Patriot Pin, your reloads will be MUCH faster, and you will be gaining features like a QD mount for your sling (sold separately), an anti-rotating castle nut, and easy access to your detent and spring. Of course, we make the actual pin out of Delrin like normal, to eliminate any kind of wear and tear that a metal pin will cause.

Using the Patriot Pin, it will also be much easier to break down your VR80 for cleaning and maintenance, inspecting, clearing a jam, etc. It will also make it easier to swap out the gas block adapter when changing between light and heavy loads.

The VR80 is an awesome shotgun, and the Patriot Pin makes this awesome shotgun perfect!



**Please note that this product/kit is designed for the California compliant VR80s and might not work on your regular VR80.