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VR80 Magazine Extension by TACCOM3G

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  • Adds 5 rounds to the factory 19 round magazine
  • Uses factory 19 round spring
  • Machined from Delrin
  • Easy assembly
  • Overlaps the parent magazine and will not come off

The TACCOM +5 magazine extension, was design specifically to add 5 rounds to the factory RIA/Armscor 19 round magazine while still using the factory magazine spring! If you haven’t noticed by now, that spring is really tight! Installation is a breeze; you just remove the factory floor plate, and lock plate; loosen up the screws on the TACCOM extension enough to slip over the retaining lips on the parent magazine and retighten the screws and you are done! If you barney load one shell in the chamber you can start out with an entire box of ammo on your stage! The extension itself is super light, and super strong. It’s not going to come off unless you want to take it off. Your magazine and our extension will be the first magazine in your shotgun most every time!!