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1911 Full Size G10 Grip Sets

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Key Features: - G10 Material Cross Hatch design, Ambi Notch Standard, CNC Machined, Fully De-horned, American Made.  The Cross Hatch designed provides an medium-aggressive texture.  They are made on a CNC mill out of a material called G10, which is one of the best materials for handgun grips and the only one that can provide this specific look. Its much tougher than wood or acrylic. It won't absorb moisture and doesn't scratch very easily. The material is tough as nails and will last normal shooters a life time.


Frame Sizes: 1911 Full Size - All mill spec 1911's with roughly 3 1/16" between bolts (Colts, Kimbers, RIA, Remington, Smith and Wesson, and many others) 1911 Compact and Springfield EMP - 1911 Compacts with roughly 2 11/16" between bolts... grips are compatible between the 1911 Compacts and EMP's where others are not. Taurus PT1911 - Cutter wider to fit the PT1911 Frame (.235 Thickness, Drilled out for PT1911 Bolts), Sig GSG - Resolves issues on ambi cut and metric bolts.


Bottom Cuts: Standard Bevel - Most people need this option.... Has a 30 degree taper and a notch for the MSP, Magwell - If your gun has a magwell you probably want this option, straight 90 cut on the bottom with a covered MSP. Other Bottoms Cuts (For Full Size Only) Bobtail - you probably have an Ed Brown or Dan Wesson, bottom corner of the grip is cut off and beveled OR Round Butt - The bottom corner of the grip is rounded for guns like Sig Nightmare, S&W E-Series, Kimber Super Carry Pro. Thickness -Standard - .270" works well for most people Thin - .187" inch works well for CCW guns and people with small hands... requires slim line bushings and screw

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