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1911 Grip Screw Bushings with STAINLESS STEEL

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 These screws and bushings come in two versions: standard and slimline (see specs below) and are made of 100% stainless steel. Both items are fitted with Torx heads to not only ensure a secure fasten but also add a cosmetic dimension to the pistol. The SI 1911 screws and bushings are available in several finishes; Stainless Steel, BLUE finish, Zinc, Chrome, and Gold-plated.

Screw Bushings Package: 
4 x Stainless Steel Screw Bushings 


- Clean Stainless Steel

- Strong and durable

- Custom look on the 1911

- Classic finish

- Torx Head  (Trox Driver T15 required)

- Made of 100% Stainless Steel

- H: 0.266" x W: 0.267", 0.236”-60 tpi exterior threads, 0.150-50 tpi interior threads