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22TCM9R Conversion Kit for 1911 A1

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22TCM9R Conversion Kit for 1911 A1.

Complete top end assembled for 22TCM9R. Gunsmith install required to put on to 1911 A1.

Full Size 1911 Magazine 10 Round 22TCM9R

Product Specs:

  • Slide GI serration
  • Completely machined
  • Attached with LPA MPS1 adjustable rear sight
  • Attached with fixed fiber optic front sight
  • Rock Island Armory logo (left side)
  • Finish Parkerized
  • Caliber 22TCM9R chambered
  • Completely machined
  • Complete set of slide assembly finish parkerized parts
  • Firing pin
  • Firing pin stop
  • Firing pin spring
  • Extractor                                           
  • Recoil spring                                   
  • Recoil spring reverse plug         
  • Full-length guide rod                   
  • Barrel bushing


NOTE: This complete upper kit is also compatible with RIA A2 (Double-Stack) steel pistol frame, but this kit includes a magazine for A1 (Single-Stack) pistol frames.


WARNING: This conversion kit requires a Clark/Para ramp cut be made to your 1911 pistol frame in order to function.  Once the Clark/Para ramp cut has been made, a GI profile 1911 barrel will no longer function properly in that 1911 frame.  BE SURE YOU WANT THIS before you buy!

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