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Extended Magazine Plate for GLOCK™ G19 (9mm)

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The Strike Industries Extended Magazine Plate for GLOCK™ G19 (9mm) was designed to provide smoother magazine reloading through a low drag/no snag design while maintaining maximum magazine capacity with any OEM Double Stack GLOCK™ magazine for G19. The Extended Magazine Plate (EMP) provides an additional +5 rounds to any G19 GLOCK™ magazine. Included is our special steel locking plate, which compared to other magazine extensions on the market, features a hook design which adds extra locking security to increase reliability when fully loaded with rounds.

Package includes:
- 1x Magazine Plate Extension for GLOCK™ G19
- 1x Extended length spring
- 1x Steel locking plate
- 1x Steel locking plate set screw

- Plus 5 round capacity for 9mm 
- Low drag/No snag design
- Impact-resistant polymer
- Includes Locking steel plate

-SI EMP Pocket Clip