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Order Workflow

Ordering Through Our Website:


  • When you place an order, you will receive a confirmation email. We strongly suggest creating an account to easily check and track your order - this is free! If you have an account you can check the status of your order from start to finish like the following: Processing (payment received), Canceled or On Hold (if you've reached out to our customer service), Closed, or Complete (shipped with tracking number sent to you). These statuses are explained below.
  • Awaiting Fulfillment:
    • Our team prints out your order and picks the order one item at a time and is placed inside a bin.
    • From there the bin is placed on a conveyor which leads to packaging. In packaging the order is "verified" by another employee, this process ensures that you are getting the right product that you ordered.
    • Once packaged, it heads back to the conveyor and passed along our shipping stations where your order gets a label for shipping, which also updates your order status into "shipped" or Complete and is placed again onto the conveyor which leads to our shipping bins that either USPS or FedEx picks up.
  • Shipped:
    • Once picked up by our shipping carriers, it is in their hands to deliver it to yours.
  • On Hold:
    • If you have reached out to our customer service to cancel an order, or a different request about your order this means that the order has been acknowledged and will be taken care of by the refund department or shipping department.
      • If you have placed two or more orders one after another, meaning we have not shipped one or two of them you may call us for us to combine them into a bigger box and reimburse you for the difference if there is any.
    • If there is something wrong with your order, like your address cannot be found by our shipping department (we use USPS recommended addresses) your order is placed on hold until you respond to our confirmation email that our customer service team sent to you.
    • If there's a product(s) in your cart that you paid for that we are out of stock of. This is rare, but it happens and we apologize in advance.
  • Canceled/Refunded/Partially Refunded:
    • If you reached out to our customer service to cancel an order, the order is placed on hold. Once placed on hold the order is checked by our refund department to be credited back to your website account or your bank. You will be notified and your order status will be marked Canceled, Refunded, or Partially Refunded.

We hope that these processes break down the steps that your order has to go through to give you the most accurate products based on what you ordered, in the most efficient way we can in a timely manner. This process is completely separate and different from the shipping method that you purchase to get your package delivered to you, we hope you can understand that. The "Priority" in shipping that you paid for refers to transit times as soon as we get the package out of our door, and this does not include our picking/packaging/shipping time.


We're a small business with family standards and we really appreciate your business.