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ReCover Tactical - 1911 Compact Size Stowable Belt Clip Grips

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The Grip and Clip is the only clip system with an integrated stowable clip that allows the gun to be carried both in a concealed or none concealed manner. Both modes are simple and do not require the user to spend any extra time removing their grips.


Compact/Officer's 1911 belt clip grip with integrated stowable clip
Remains holster compatible when the clip is stowed
Immediately swap between different modes of carrying your gun
Maintains the ergonomic feel of the grip



Compact/Officer's 1911 sized frame grip
Stowable belt clip
High grade glass reinforced polymer


Remove your existing grip panels and screw on the new Clip and Grip panels
In order to switch to concealed carry mode, remove your stowed clip from the left panel and swap it out with the tab from the upper right panel



**Proper gunsmith fitting required for accurate fit & safe function.


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