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Rock Island Armory - TAC Series FS and 6" OWB Holster by MFT

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Outside the waistband for Rock Island Armory - TAC Series 6 inch slides / Full Size / Mid Size Pistols.

  • Fits full rail / full dust cover RIA Pistols and other 1911 pistols.

Mission First Tactical is renowned for blending unique designs, revolutionary materials and production techniques resulting in form, fit, and function that is unparalleled. MFT offers many Outside the Waistband holsters fits in its initial offering into this category.

● OWB-Outside the Waist Band- as offered
● IWB Inside the Waist Band or AIWB Appendix Carry (Possible With Non-Included Clip Attachments)
● Molded, Trimmed, Assembled, Buffed by Hand
● Comfortable for Constant Wear
● Adjustable Cant 0-15 Degrees
● Includes 1.75 Belt Attachment
● Audible Click Passive Retention
● Laser CAD Design for Perfect Fit, Smoother Draw, Less Wear
● Full Sweatguard
● Quality Screws, Rivets and Attachments


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