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Smart Pepper Spray

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The Smart Pepper Spray is a maximum strength pepper spray equipped with a siren, LEDs and FREE automatic location text messages and phone calls to your emergency contacts.


  • Maximum strength pepper spray
  • Location text messages (FREE)
  • Phone calls (FREE)
  • Siren
  • LED lights
  • Magnetic quick-release keychain
  • 4 years no-charging battery life

Setup in 1 Minute

  1. Download the app Plegium from the App Store or Google Play (free)
  2. Connect to your Plegium device in the app
  3. Add emergency contacts in the app (up to 5)
  4. To test all functions except the spray, press the TEST lever on the side of the product for 10 seconds

How to use

  1. Slide thumb under safety lid
  2. Press firmly in the center of the trigger - all functions (i.e. the pepper spray, location text messages, phone calls, siren and LED lights) activate simultaneously
  3. Spray the attacker from ear to ear across the eyes, then aim for nose and mouth