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VR80 Compensator Short Comp. - Old

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VR80 Short Compensator

  1. Version-1 Compensators
    1. Uses the compensator locking ring to tighten the short and long compensator in place.
    2. Long compensators uses a set screw to keep it in place.
  • Easy to install for competition
  • Reduces muzzle rise when firing
  • Long compensator has 2 vertical open portholes
  • Short compensator has 1 vertical open porthole


IMPORTANT NOTICE: if you have purchased the previous version of the long compensator, the new version does not need and does not include the barrel to compensator coupler or adapter. The new design allows you to thread the long comp to the barrel, tighten the comp with the barrel lock nut, and secure the comp with the set screw.


**Please note that this product might not fit other firearms.

**This product is made specifically for VR80.

**This product only fits the factory VR80 short handguard.

**This product does not fit with the long handguard, but can work if you make the handguard freefloating which can be achieved by installing this - VR80 Handguard Retainer by TACCOM

**This product will include a set screw, but might damage the thread of your barrel and we recommend that you do not use the set screw and tighten the barrel lock nut to lock the compensator in place instead.


**Proper gunsmith fitting required for accurate fit & safe function.


PLEASE NOTE: If you purchase this item by mistake and would like to return it, We will do so gladly but will charge you a 25% restocking fee. You will also have to pay shipping back to us. Thank you and we hope this ends some of the confusion.

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