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VR80 Muzzle Brake by TACCOM3G

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  • Light Weight 3oz
  • Made from 6061 aluminum
  • Black anodized
  • Threads on barrel
  • Brass set screw will not damage barrel threads
  • Comes with split retainers
  • Hand guard slips over brake for cleaning gas system
  • Allows for choke tube removal

Hands down the most effective light weight muzzle brake on the market for the VR80 today! The 3.5” long, 8 port design directs the gases out to the side and up to help keep the VR80 linear during recoil. At only 3 ounces, our brake is also designed so that the factory hand guard fits over and slips right off during dis-assembly for cleaning. You just install the opposing split rings that push the hand guard up against the receiver. If you are using the factory barrel shroud to keep the hand guard on, you will need to cut approximately ¾” off the front of the shroud to expose the barrel threads. Once you install and time your brake (we recommend blue Loctite on the barrel threads) tighten up the include brass set screw and you are done; the brake is secure. Changing chokes is easy if you have the RIA extended choke tube tool.