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VR80 Pro Trigger - Black Shoes (Straight included) by Elftmann Tactical

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ELF VR80 Pro SE Trigger with ELF PRO-LOCK Threaded Mounting System

The VR80 Pro Trigger is the most vital upgrade you should consider for your VR80 Semi-auto shotgun. While Elftmann Tactical is known for its drop-in trigger systems, we went with a component system for the VR80 shotgun. Component triggers have one advantage over drop-in cassette-style triggers, the ability to shed dust and dirt and keep running because they don’t have the tight constraints of the housing.

The Elf VR80 Pro Trigger utilizes the proprietary ELF PRO LOCK threaded mounting system.  The combination of aerospace-grade sealed bearings, precision ground threaded bushings, and screws instead of traditional pins provide a rock-solid trigger system.  Because pins require some "play" for the hammer and trigger to rotate, there is always a little play in a traditional trigger system. This new threaded system with sealed bearings adds a level of "solid" you need to feel to understand the difference.

This is not your average forged steel component trigger - made of wire EDM machined, hardened A2 tool steel, this trigger is not only easy to keep clean, its precise, crisp break and positive reset will take a competition shotgun to the next level. Installation can be done in minutes using the supplied installation screws. The ELF VR80 Pro Trigger may be ordered with red or black shoes, straight shoes are included.


If you are looking for the finest, most robust, and precise trigger upgrade for your VR80 box-fed shotgun, this is the trigger system for you. 



  • 3.5 lb pull weight after a short break-in
  • Proprietary Threaded mounting system for rock-solid installation.
  • Features our proprietary Double-Double torsion spring for hammer
  • Absolutely Drop-Safe
  • Factory Pull-weight is approximately 50% lighter than that of a standard VR80 trigger
  • Full power hammer spring ensures proper ignition of primer
  • Precision EDM wire cut hardened American tool steel
  • The unique design of disconnect allows full 1/4” width eliminating the possibility of wear and double-firing
  • High-performance trigger and hammer needle bearings for smoother and faster firing
  • 100% made in America with a Lifetime Guarantee!

**Proper gunsmith fitting required for accurate fit & safe function.


PLEASE NOTE:  If you purchase this item by mistake and would like to return it, we will accept your request. However, we reserve the right to charge you a 10% restocking fee if the item is damaged, scratched, or altered from its original state. Thank you.